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ikusasa n. zulu [iːkuˈsaːsa] future

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world

Nelson Mandela


Most teens do not have access to career exploration tools and services and as a solution - Career Hub was born.  The heart of this site is aimed at helping students and young adults make informed career decisions using free questionnaires, resources and information! Career decisions are not as simple as scrolling through a list and picking a career that sounds interesting, instead, it is considered a process of uncovering and discovering your strengths and weaknesses and finding the right career-candidate fit! 

Career Hub is managed by qualified Educational Psychologists and founders of Sikhona Therapy. Career Hub is a platform that offers teens and young adults career solutions and information regarding further education and career options in the Gauteng area. All the tools and information are based on scientific evidence and research. We aim to continually update this site to provide you with career options and information that is current and relevant!

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 This site will assist you in making informed career and ikhusasa (future) decisions. An informed career decision means that you consider 3 different areas of your being - personality, interest and aptitude. Simply choosing a career just based on one aspect may result in a number of career changes and challenges further down the road. This may cost you time, money and may affect your well-being, drive and motivation. 

Explore Career Hub better understand these areas using our free online resources, tests and information. Remember, that by carefully considering and blending all three of these areas, you will be better equipped to make an informed career decision that suits your personality, interests and ability!


Personality refers to an individual’s behavioural and emotional characteristics that can be found to be stable over time and across a variety of circumstances. These characteristics can be combined to form a personality profile of the individual which can then be matched with occupational aspirations.


Aptitude can be defined as the potential to acquire skills through training and experience. The identification of potential is useful in helping individuals choose a career that is coherent with their abilities, strengths, and sensitive towards their limitations

This can be assessed by an Educational Psychologist


Interest can be defined as the likes and dislikes some individual holds and how this information can be used to identify the needs and motives behind certain career choices. The identification of interests are acknowledged as important as it can contribute to work satisfaction and persistence in chosen careers.

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